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Interdisciplinary Group of Health Studies (GIES)

Responsible person: Prof. Professor  João José R. L. de Almeida

Participating Professors: Prof. Professor Julicristie M. de Oliveira, PhD Professor Marta Fuentes- Rojas, PhD Professor Sandra F. Bezerra Gemma, PhD Professor Ana Maria Galdini Oda.


Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEG)

Responsible person: Prof. Professor Carlos Raul Etulain


Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Education (LEI)

Responsible person: Prof. Professor Márcio Barreto

Participating Professors:  Prof. Professor Peter Alexander Bleinroth Schulz


Laboratory of Public Sector Studies (LESP)

Responsible person: PhD Professor Milena Pavan Serafim

Participating Professors:  Prof. Professor Carlos Raul Etulain, Oswaldo Gonçalves Junior


Laboratory of Geography of Risks and Resilience (LAGERR)

Responsible person: Prof. Professor Eduardo Marandola Jr.

Participating Professors: Prof. Professor Antonio Bernardes, PhD Professor Norma Felicidade Lopes da Silva Valencio, Prof. Professor Roberto Donato da Silva Júnior.


Laboratory of Psychology, Health and Community (LAPSIC)

Responsible person: PhD Professor Marta Fuentes-Rojas

Participating Professors:  PhD Professor Sandra Francisca Bezerra Gemma, PhD Professor João José Rodrigues Lima de Almeida. 


Laboratory of Technology, Society and Democracy (LATESD)

Responsible person: Prof. Professor Rafael de Brito Dias

Participating Professors: PhD Professor Laís Silveira Fraga, PhD Professor Marcio Barreto, PhD Professor Carolina Cantarino.


Laboratory of Urbanization and Changes in Land Use and Cover (L-UM)

Responsible person: Prof. Professor Álvaro D'Antona

Participating Professors: PhD Professor Norma Felicidade Lopes da Silva Valencio, Prof. Professor Roberto Donato da Silva Júnior.

Pós-Graduação FCA


Strictu sensu graduate programs (master's and doctorate).

Graduação FCA


Six courses in the areas of engineering, health and administration.

Pesquisa FCA


Activities and projects of our research centers and laboratories.



Extension courses, agreements, services and events for the community.

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The FCA Library is part of the Unicamp Library System (SBU).