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The FCA currently has four graduate education programs (stricto sensu). 

Graduation Program in Administration – Master’s and Doctor's Degree – CAPES Evaluation Area: Public and Business Administration, Accounting Sciences and Tourism – Beginning of Activities: 2017 – CAPES Ranking: 5

Graduation Program in Nutrition and Sports and Metabolism Sciences – Master’s and Doctor’s Degree - CAPES Evaluation Area: Nutrition – Beginning of Activities: 2011 - CAPES Ranking: 5

Graduation Program in Production and Manufacture Engineering – Master’s Degree - CAPES Evaluation Area: Engineering III - Beginning of Activities: 2013 - CAPES Ranking: 4

Interdisciplinary Graduation Program in Applied Human and Social Sciences – Master’s Degree - CAPES Evaluation Area: Interdisciplinary - Beginning of Activities: 2014 - CAPES Ranking: 3

Although recent, FCA’s graduate education programs have a highly qualified teaching staff and covering different areas of knowledge, in line with the unit’s pedagogical project. FCA’s graduate education program aims to train masters and doctors with solid scientific knowledge and able to work in the academy, in various industrial sectors, and in the public sector. In addition, there is a focus on the themes addressed by the programs, so that the research developed in the unit seeks to address complex and relevant problems in the scientific, technological and social fields.

The works developed in FCA’s graduate education programs are supported by the country’s main fostering agencies (CAPES, FAPESP and CNPq), which fund scholarships and research projects led by the unit’s professors. Many of those projects are carried out in cooperation with national and international institutions.


There are different ways to enter the graduate education programs, stricto sensu. Admissions as regular student and special student are made through selection processes, which follow the specific rules of each program. For more information about the selection process, click here.

Additional guidelines for foreigners are available: http://www.internationaloffice.unicamp.br/

Graduate courses calendar

The calendar for all Unicamp’s graduate school programs is prepared every year by the Academic Board - DAC. It specifies the period for enrolling for classes, suspended working days, school exams week and many other events. Check out the calendar at the DAC portal (PORT-BR).