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Inaugurated in 2009 with undergraduate courses in all areas of knowledge, the School of Applied Sciences (FCA) understands that academia and society must be connected to generate knowledge. Since its inception, FCA has adopted a non-departmental structure and created a common educational axis between the various undergraduate and graduate courses and other academic activities.

Undergraduation offers an essential core common to all courses, contextualizing disciplines that address universal knowledge. The Graduate course trains students to act and lead in cutting-edge research and teaching at a higher level. FCA mobilizes the qualification and experience of teaching staff to produce knowledge that can intervene, manage and plan changes and innovations for the public and private sectors. In Outreach activities, there is a commitment to disseminating knowledge to society in different ways.

With an area of 485,000 m² and approximately 25,000 m² built, FCA was strategically installed in a new campus in Limeira, whose booming economy is based on industrial production and trade with national and international coverage. Located in the interior of the state of São Paulo, the city is close to significant scientific, cultural and economic centers, such as Campinas, Piracicaba and São Paulo. It is only 65 km from Viracopos International Airport.