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The social insertion of the Postgraduate Program in Production and Manufacturing Engineering (PPGEPM) has been giving, above all, the training of masters in the engineering area, able to continue an academic/scientific career, as well as to act in companies and public agencies. In addition, it is expected that the research carried out by PPGEPM teachers and students will act in terms of decisive challenges for society. In this context, the program has been highlighted through partnerships with public and private institutions, which demonstrates a good integration with society and the labor market. It should be considered that a good part of the students of the program come from companies in Limeira and the region and work in the most diverse areas of production and manufacturing engineering.

In this way, it is worth mentioning, some social insertion actions developed by PPGEPM in 2018:

- Scientific cooperation agreement with EMBRAER and Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA). Agreement entitled: R&D consortium in frictional processing. The purpose of this agreement is to propose solutions and facilitate the implementation of the friction stir welding process in high strength Aluminum alloys. The PPGEPM teachers who are part of this agreement are: Prof. Professor Rodrigo Contieri, Ricardo Floriano and Alessandra Cremasco.

- Interaction with companies in the area of manufacturing and processing of materials: PROMETAL, MASTRA, FUNDIMAZZA, FURLAN Equipamentos and TMD-Friction (HONDA). From this interaction, there was the discussion of collaborative research projects and the elaboration of possible scientific cooperation agreements. Among these partnerships, it is worth mentioning that of the company FUNDIMAZZA, which proposed to finance a master's scholarship for a period of 2 years to a master's student of PPGEPM, who will start activities in the second half of 2019. The topic to be studied is of interest to the company and is in line with the topics addressed in the master's degree related to the area of concentration: Manufacture of Advanced Materials. The PPGEPM professors who are part of this collaboration are: Prof. Professor Ricardo Floriano and PhD Professor Rodrigo Contieri.

- Interaction with companies in the area of simulation, operational research and logistics (HBSIS, Flexsim and Grupo Engenho). The PhD Professor Anibal Tavares de Azevedo of PPGEPM is responsible for this interaction.

- Preparation of video lessons for the Virtual State University of São Paulo (UNIVESP). PPGEPM professors: Anibal Tavares de Azevedo, Alessandro Silva and Paulo Sérgio Ignácio are responsible for regular UNIVESP subjects that address the following topics: logistics, mathematical modeling, operational research and lean production.

Another form of social insertion practiced by PPGEPM teachers is the offer of extension and specialization courses for the external community of FCA-UNICAMP. The extension aims to promote integration and the relationship between the academic community and society. The courses offered have themes of the most diverse and are related to the areas of expertise of the teachers of the program, such as: Green Belt in Lean six sigma; Lean Production With Practical Case Study; Matlab Fast And Practical; Strategic Model of Industry 4.0 - The Sustainability of Business and Society; Metallurgy, Solidification and Properties of Low Melting Point Alloys Applied in the Jewelry and Semi-Jewelry Industry, among others. The program teachers responsible for these courses are: PhD Paulo Sérgio de Ignácio Arruda; Alessandro Silva; Antonio Carlos Pacagnella, Aníbal Tavares de Azevedo; Cristiano Morini, Edmundo Inacio Junior, Gustavo Herminio Salati Marcondes De Moraes, Ieda Kanashiro Makiya, Marcio Marcelo Belli.

In 2017 and 2018, teachers Gustavo Herminio Salati Marcondes de Moraes and Marcio Marcelo Belli decided to reverse the extension fund collected in their master's scholarship courses for postgraduate students of the college. In 2018, 6 Master's scholarships were offered for 12 months each, and two PPGEPM students were awarded. In 2019, the program is maintained again with 6 master's scholarships of 12 months, and the selection held in February, contemplated two new students of the program. This initiative is of great importance in view of the scarcity of scholarships faced by our program, and has proven to be an alternative way of maintaining students in our program.

Finally, we would like to highlight here in this topic, the project "Hive" that is coordinated by the teacher of PPGEPM, PhD Professor Marcelo Maialle.


It is a cooperation agreement signed since 08/05/2013 between: the CITY HALL OF LIMEIRA, the CENTRO DE PROMOÇÃO SOCIAL MUNICIPAL - CEPROSOM - Limeira and the STATE UNIVERSITY OF CAMPINAS - UNICAMP, with the administrative intervention of UNICAMP DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION - FUNCAMP.

- General Objective of the Hive Project: Offer a course of pre-vestibular studies (evening and night) totaling 300 vacancies to citizens of the city of Limeira-SP, formed in high school, or attending the 3rd grade of high school. The course is free to the student, who must prove family income lower than 2.5 minimum wages per capita monthly. The amount (BRL400,000/year, funded by the Municipality of Limeira) is destined to the payment of scholarships for teachers (regular students of Unicamp), the purchase of apostilles and payments of fees. Professor Marcelo Maialle (together with Prof. Josely Rimoli of the unit) are responsible for planning and managing didactic activities and applying resources.

It is worth noting that: Historically, about 30% of the Hive's teachers are students of our postgraduate program (PPGEPM).