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The Postgraduate Program in Production and Manufacturing Engineering - PPGEPM - has two areas of concentration: "Operational Research and Process Management" (POGP) and "Advanced Materials Manufacturing" (MMA). A brief description of the areas of concentration is made below:

Operational Research and Process Management (POGP) - The central axis of this area of concentration is the development of quantitative decision support methods based on mathematical and/or data-guided models. With an important insertion in Production Engineering, the search for decision support systems has been occupying a central role in the technological development observed in recent years, especially in issues related to the treatment of the large volume of information and the development of automatic systems necessary for the implementation of intelligent industries. It is also worth mentioning the development of studies on classical themes of Operational Research, especially those related to Production and Manufacturing Engineering. The activities of this area of concentration are promoted by three lines of Research:

- Mathematical Modeling;

- Production and Logistics;

- Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making;

Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (MMA) - In this area of concentration the main scientific challenge is the development of theoretical, experimental and computational research on manufacturing processes and the synthesis and characterization of advanced engineering materials. Initially, solutions are sought to improve/enhance manufacturing processes, as well as automation solutions and increase process efficiency. In a second moment, a systematic study of the characteristics of advanced materials is proposed through the analysis of the structure, microstructure and morphology of phases in the crystalline, semicrystalline and amorphous solid state, seeking a better understanding and comprehension of their engineering properties according to the manufacturing route. The activities of this area of concentration are promoted by two lines of Research:

-Manufacturing Processes;

- Properties of Advanced Materials;