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ICHSA has a strong integration with society. This is in different areas: 

- Realization of extension projects, with broad involvement and social application, strongly articulated between research, teaching and extension;

- Realization of research projects with strong extensionist or integrator character, generating products such as new procedures, knowledge transfer and mutual learning;

- Realization of extension courses that integrate different sectors of society to research, undergraduate and postgraduate activities;

- Activities that involve the direct participation of teachers in social actions, be it advice, consulting to NGOs, promotion and health care in an expanded perspective (in the CHS context);

- By the profile of their students, many of them engaged in social organizations or in sectors of public administration and the private sector, who come to ICHSA looking for elements to understand and build responses to problems faced in their contexts of action;

- By the profile of the themes developed, which have a strong orientation for integration with society, not in the extensionist way, but in the way of a socially applied science: science oriented to concrete problems that need a comprehensive but effective response at the same time.

In all these cases, the role of the FCA in the local and regional context is of prominence, strengthening a manifest vocation in the role that ICHSA gradually assumes centrality in this community.